September 14, 2021

Maize South Elementary PTO Minutes
September 14, 2021

In attendance:
Board members: Emily Morales, Amy Heuer, Andrea Waggoner, Lindsay Thomas, Crystal Arguello, Holly Schmidt, Alison Pike

Teachers and staff: Carrie Thrash, Melissa Fernandez, Kylie Thurman

Seven parents present

Treasurer’s Report: Amy

            Balance is $5003 with an outstanding check to MSIS PTO.

Our fixed costs are $330 for the website and $40 for taxes.

Explanation of TLC: Andrea

TLC will send a sign up email asking for donations for dinner for teachers during conferences

Spirit Nights have been scheduled for the school year.    

September: Chick-Fil-A – 9/27
            October: Barnard’s – 10/12
            November: The Arcade – 11/06
            December: Jason’s Deli – 12/07
            January: Carousel Skate – 1/20/22
            February: Texas Roadhouse – 2/07/22
            March: Chipotle – TBD
            April: Chick-Fil-A – 4/18/22
            May: Charlie’s Car Wash – 05/09- 05/15 (Week long)

Spirit Store:

Closes September 17, will re-open September 18 for two weeks. PTO will display shirts at conferences for parents to view.

PTO will send a jpeg link to teachers for the spirit store to be included in their newsletters.

Discussed ordering masks (minimum purchase is 96), water bottles and decals. PTO will look into a different supplier for water bottles. There was discussion about personalization. Emily can do that if necessary.


Teacher Survey:

PTO wants to grow teacher involvement. Teachers would appreciate the offer of what we will do for them. (Ex: providing games, balls, etc.) PTO will draft a survey and send to Mrs. Thrash.


Fall: We will have a silent auction for a front row parking spot to use during the month of October. We will also have Family Engagement Night with Paint The Town paintings to do at home. Sales will start October 1st and will be open for 2 weeks. Will also offer snack kits for purchase. The painting kits will be $15 with a discount offered if you buy all 5 designs. Parents will do a drive through pick-up October 25 and 26. Mrs. Thrash will read a bedtime story for the kids to watch after they paint. We will also have a raffle and prizes will include lunch with the principal, VP and counselor, and front row seats to the music program. Each painting kit purchased will receive one entry into the raffle.

Spring: Family glow run and a neighborhood themed basket raffle.

Title 1 Needs:

Melissa Fernandez spoke about needing help from PTO for a drive-thru event being planned on November 18. The theme is “Thankful for our Families”. They need donations of games and books as prizes.


Emily asked how many kids will need scholarships for the painting fundraiser. Since lunches are free district-wide, we don’t have a number to plan for.


We need to “like”, “comment” and “share” all Facebook posts. Mrs. Thrash will forward   emails from PTO to parents on a monthly basis. We will send her a bulleted list before each Friday to include in her weekly update. PTO will work on updating our website.


Holly discussed perks for schools, including “Cash for Classrooms” through Casey’s General Store and the Coca Cola Giveback program. These are free ways to earn money for MSE PTO.

Next PTO meeting: Tuesday, October 12, 6:00pm